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Becca Wilkins’ latest project rêverie, is a collection of French Chanson reimagined with her trio of Olly Chalk (piano), Sam Ingvorsen (bass) and Billy Pod (drums). 

Rêverie presents the chanson made popular by Jacques Brel, Yves Montand and Edith Piaf through the lens of contemporary jazz as Becca brings her Francophilia into sharp focus. Featuring classics such as ‘Sous le Ciel de Paris’ and ‘La Mer’, this music remoulds the most well loved chansons, as well as introducing audiences to lesson-known songs from this genre.


The collection showcases her skills as a song interpreter, band leader and improviser, with a set that is both brooding and mysterious; vulnerable and atmospheric. Expect haunting ballads alongside runaway waltzes, intricate counterpoint and masterful interplay. that highlights the skills of the whole ensemble. An assured and powerfully communicative performer, Becca is joined by long-time collaborators Olly Chalk, Sam Ingvorsen and Billy Pod.


Rêverie is Becca’s most stylised project to date, as she brings her ‘other worldliness’ (Jazzwise Magazine) to audiences across the UK.

Becca Wilkins' Rêverie ~ La Bohème

Becca Wilkins' Rêverie ~ La Bohème

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